Saturday, 16 June 2012

universities in karachi

hi friends its msyedrocks once again  created a post related to addmissions in karachi engineering and science universities . in which i ve added  information about the addmission and entry test and latest news by the universities in karachi. which may be help to u ..       
k.u has announced 2012-13 addmissions

                        just scroll down and get
         Notice for addmission at S.M.I.U 2013
          download model test paper of S.M.I.U

          join S.M.I.U 1st batch on facebook
          Notice for addmission at k.u 2012-13

                                NED UNIVERSITY KARACHI 
                 add of ned in jang news paper
               download pdf prospectus of ned 1
              download pdf prospectus of ned 2


             download model test paper of ned
note : all above 4 links included full                                         prospectus of ned

                   UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI
                  add in jang news paper of k.u

  Dawood college of engineering and technology
                     add in jang news paper
                Fedral urdu university Karachi

                   add in jang news paper 


  download addmission form of urdu university
  download prospectus of urdu university

inshallah friend i ll also add latest  information   of universities in karachi ....

im also a student of engineering and wants to do bs in (cs) or (se)  plzzz pray for me and for u

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take care may u ll success in urs right missions